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My Work

I am a photographer based in Medellin, Colombia, specializing in capturing great architecture and interiors. My career as a photographer has taken me to great projects nationwide with major architectural and interior design companies in the country, among others.  I have also been published in several magazines and won two awards, which gives me great pride.


My career as a professional photographer started late in 2015, after having worked in a major national company as a business manager, with excellent results. I made the most important decision of my professional life. Gave up the job that gave me financial stability and recognition, to become the main character of my own life.

After taking a professional photography course in Madrid, Spain in 2015-2016, I returned to Colombia with the firm conviction to realize my dream as a great photographer and intrust my skills to all those that would believe in me.

Step by step, with my personal projects and those of some new-found clients, I have advanced as an architectural photographer. I have specialized in this area and have paved the way to another dream, which is to be recognized worldwide as one of the best photographers representing my area.

I am also a passionate traveller. I’ve travelled to many countries around the world learning about the unknown, the different cultures, its gastronomy, habits, customs and architecture. With each journey I fill my life with great experiences.

This is me. Carlos Velez: the guy behind the camera lens composing each one of the images that are created through emotions, feelings, space connection and most of all from the inspiration of big dreams in my career.


2023: APLAMANAC, 2022, Architectural Photography Awards ‘Editor’s Choice Award’

2021: APALMANAC, 2021 Early Career and Emerging Talent Awards Longlist


2018: XXV Salón Colombiano de fotografía, Bienal 2018, Colombia, ganador categoría Arquitectura y Espacios Urbanos.

2016: Maratón Fotográfica Fnac Callao, Madrid, ganador de tienda.


2022 AXXIS #340

2022 AXXIS #339

2021 GQ México Dic 21 – Ene 22

2021 AXXIS # 325

2021 AXXIS # 324

2021 AXXIS # 319

2021 ShoutoutMiami Meet Carlos Velez: Architecture and interior photographer 

2020 Black Mamba Magazine # 12

2020 Habitar # 321

2019 Avianca # 77

2019 Neolith X Years / Catalog

2019 AXXIS #301

2019 AXXIS #299

2018 XXV Catalog Salon Colombiano de Fotografia 

2018 AXXIS #295 / 50th Anniversary Edition

2018 PSN Pool and Spa News / Cover

2018 Equipar / Fourth bimester 

2017 Gente Newspaper / Nov 10


ONCE Arquitectura

Diseño & Espacios 

Eduardo Munera Arquitectos


Vianova – Neolith

Hilada Arquitectos

Santiago Maestre

Hernan Idarraga

Grafito Studio

Cristina Vélez


Lighting Group

Morales Vicaria

CVG Group


Londoño Gomez

Arquitectura y Concreto

FR Arquitectura


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